Pulikaichal: (Tamarind Rice Paste/ Puliyogare)

Pulihora, also known as Puliyodharai or Puliyogare, Puli sadham In South India, Tamarind Rice is a very common traditional South Indian Rice recipe. Puli means “Tangy” In South Indian language. Preparations of the Tamarind Paste Or the Rice is made out of tamarind extracts added with grounded spices, lentils, peanuts and they are cooked in… Continue reading Pulikaichal: (Tamarind Rice Paste/ Puliyogare)

Iyengar pulikaichal (spiced tamarind paste in Brahmin style)

Pulikaichal is a classic and authentic traditional recipe. It’s made with tamarind juice and spiced up with some ingredients which gives an excellent aroma and it is used to mix with Rice (popularly called as Puliyodharai/Puli sadham) This goes well with idly, Dosa and with few Tiffen variety. And it’s a yummy pickle to curd… Continue reading Iyengar pulikaichal (spiced tamarind paste in Brahmin style)