Thank you for all of you my Followers,Viewers and others to support me and come along with me in my journey of my blogging and helping me run my page that’s filled with my passion towards South Indian Cooking. I am Sowmya.I am based Madras and living in United States. I am a mother to my wonderful twin children. Yes, I am an Autism Mom too. My son is in spectrum. So day in and out is a challenge. Still, i manage to cherish and take part in his journey and in his world through his eyes along with him. And cooking or photographing and learning and being poet is my world of passion.Which i thoroughly enjoy for myself. And my beautiful daughter who is also a wonderful sibling who understands and adjusts and handles in tough situation. Oh yes, I would like to praise them as they are most supportive and understanding kids I am blessed with. Of course, they toss me so well too which they have done their masters..;) I started this blog to share and explore recipes for different varieties of food that is simple and easy to make at home. Remembering my first time cooking where my dad helped me teaching me, oh yes, the man had lots of rules and preaching when it came for kitchen work. I did manage to destroy a side dish burning them generously. My mom did manage to taste and appreciated me. We mom are always trying to be positive and nice with kids. In reality, I learnt my cooking around when I was 22 and So writing all the recipes down, helped me how to schedule and meal plan. That’s how slowly I started to explore my cooking skills and interests towards it.

Years passed and I am still learning how to make sweets and savories and baking items as am not great with them. As they always say baking is science and cooking is an art, guess I prefer to be an artist. I am not saying no to baking but am learning. So now after moving to United states, started my blog to preserve the recipes and started to create recipes on my own to do some experiments with South Indian category. Yes, am still learning.!And my focus on my blog page is not to be too complicated and this applies to my cooking and the recipes I create. I always wanted to keep it simple and easy to read through and understand and so my followers / readers and fellow bloggers from different parts of the world can understand better what am doing here and also can try on their own and learn and adapt them easily. I am not a Great Foodie who travels around and tries different cuisines, yet love to make comfort food that’s totally Vegetarian . But, one day am pretty sure to go around the world trying out various cuisines and varieties of food and give my feed back on the same and also explore them in my kitchen. I am still focusing on doing more to my food blog coming up with videos and related categories and something regarding healthy diet in future. Cooking is my passion and I enjoy following my heart. Anyone can start cooking and you don’t have to be an expert.So start your journey too and also enjoy what you make.

Just start trying, don’t worry about making mistakes; learn different recipes and enjoy what you cook.! Bonn appetite.!

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I am not an expert/A chef by profession/Health advisor.

Everything I have tried and doing here is all my own trial and error and my learning and work that I do on my day to day life. All of the recipes here are followed by me and my family for years and which co-operates and suits our health too so far.

Follow the recipes here subject to your food practices and diet and allergies and anything you need please always consult your Physician/Dietician /Nutritionist before trying them.