Karadayan Nonbu | Savithri Vratham is a festival or a ritual performed by women in India especially by the South Indians Tamil Hindu community for the welfare and long life of their husband and for those who are not married or young girls will do this for their future husband praying for them. This nonbu… Continue reading KARADAYAN NONBU | SAVITRI NONBU


Madras Mixture is one of the most popular variety of snack in South India. It is the most famous of Deepavali snacks which is made in most houses during this occasion. Also it is very popular in sweet shops sold year around. There are varieties of them. But, this is my favorite of all. It… Continue reading SOUTH INDIAN MIXTURE|MADRAS MIXTURE|DEEPAVALI RECIPE|SPICY MIXTURE RECIPES:

Deepavali Leghiyam(or)Marundhu: (Medicine in Tamil)

It is a traditional and a special recipe prepared for ages by the ancestors during the occasion of Deepavali/Diwali on purpose of helping the indigestion issues caused later because of consuming sweets and savories during this festive season. As the sweets and savories are made up of ghee and lot of fried items in oil,… Continue reading Deepavali Leghiyam(or)Marundhu: (Medicine in Tamil)

Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari which is also called Sooji Halwa in Hindi language, as well Semolina pudding in English. This comes under sweet category,a very quick and easy to make recipe on any day. The Rava is made from husked wheat, it’s mostly used in Indian cuisine all around, and it’s used for both savory and sweet… Continue reading Rava Kesari

Karadiyan nombu adai

Karadiyan nombu celebrated as savitri vratham for the long life and welfare of husband. Women’s will fast from morning and will tie the thin sacred yellow thread around the end of maasi and starting of panguni masam. And after tying the sacred thread they end up their fasting by eating the adai that’s made specially… Continue reading Karadiyan nombu adai