Sambar Powder – Homemade Sambar Powder (Sambar podi)

Sambar Powder is the spice powder that we make at home or given in shops to grind. It’s one of the essential ingredient/podi/powder in South Indian kitchen. It’s not only helpful in being an addition and ingredient to a sambar, but, goes great with poriyal and vathakal varieties.(Vegetable fry) My mom used to add this… Continue reading Sambar Powder – Homemade Sambar Powder (Sambar podi)


Kuzhambu is a watery dish / gravy made with Tamarind extracts / juice like broth, blended along with spice powders either homemade or store bought, as well added with vegetables or sun dried veggies of your choice. Today i am with the recipe for homemade Vathal Kuzhambu podi – The homemade spice powder for this… Continue reading VATHAL KUZHAMBU PODI: (Iyengar Style)