Kuzhambu is a watery dish / gravy made with Tamarind extracts / juice like broth, blended along with spice powders either homemade or store bought, as well added with vegetables or sun dried veggies of your choice.

Today i am with the recipe for homemade Vathal Kuzhambu podi – The homemade spice powder for this kuzhambu gravy.

This dish or gravy is very popular in South India, as its commonly cooked in many households and it’s the very easy, delicious and tasty recipe on the menu card anywhere you go. Including the restaurants. There is something else called “Sambar” which is cooked by adding cooked dal to it,and that has a different spice powder from this one. everything just varies with few different spices used.

The one that i am with as today’s post is exclusively Brahmin style- Iyengar style.

As i mentioned earlier this one has different touch and taste according to places and practises. People do use coconut and more spice according to their needs. Especially in restaurants. They do differ from weddings and it will have the similar touch if the marriage is in Brahmin style.

Usually this powder is made in Mills where they exclusive grind such spice powders and bread powders using large machines. But, This time i tried it in a smaller quantity at home. Though i was not able to sieve it more than once. We can either choose to use this in a coarse manner or fine powder depending on your needs and taste.

Well, Interesting fact is sometimes, we would like to use this powder for some vegetable fry including “Potato Fry”.

Vathal Kuzhambu Podi

The reason I have mentioned Brahmin style- Iyengar style because generally people add spices according to their needs and taste like adding Fennel seeds, Bay leaves or Cinnamons to it.










Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)
Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)
Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)
Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)
Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)
Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (kuzhambu spice powder recipe)


  1. Heat a pan, start roasting each and every ingredients mentioned above one by one.
  2. Add the dal items first and then the asafetida and coriander seeds. Then can add the red chilies along. If not You can choose to dry roast the red chilies separately.
  3. Once they are well roasted. Allow them to cool down by adding them to a flat tray or plate.
  4. Then grind them well by adding 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder.
  5. Then use a seiver and then sieve it well once or twice.
  6. Store this in a glass container. The shelf life is 3-6 months when needed to store them outside in a cool place.
  7. Using this now make your favorite kuzhambu.

Comment down below which one do you like the most. Either adding the sun dried Vathals/ vadagam or the vegetables.

Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)

Vathal Kuzhambu Ingredients (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)


  1. I would suggest and appreciate if you dry roast each and every ingredient separately until they become warm, and make sure the flame is medium to low and do not burn the ingredient by keeping the flame high.
  2. As mentioned earlier, You could choose to add any whole garam masala spices like Fennel seeds, Cinnamon sticks, Bay leaves and also the star anise and cardamoms etc.
  3. If you choose to add dry coconuts or desiccated coconuts, you can proceed doing them.
  4. Yes, even the garlic pods are allowed, but the trick is it’s better if you dry them by sun drying or microwaving or good idea is garlic powder.
  5. I have used regular red chilies. I always prefer to use kashmiri red chilies. That gives a wonderful flavor, taste and color too. You can try them if you are agreeing to the spice level or prefer more spices.
  6. You can also use this for Puli Kuzhambu.

Vathal Kuzhambu Podi (Kuzhambu spice powder recipe)

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