Quite a popular and delicious dish from Northern side of India. This can be consumed as breakfast or as sides for the main course food items. Some would like to prepare the Paneer home made but, i bought them in stores. The veggies that are generally added to this is just three. Some would add… Continue reading PANEER BHURJI: (SCRAMBLED INDIAN COTTAGE CHEESE)

Chickpea & Paneer masala Gravy

Heya.! It’s CHANA PANEER MASALA GRAVY.! (Chickpea & cottage cheese gravy) It’s not something different but I just added some cottage cheese to the routine Chana masala.. Quick method is.. Boil 2 cups of soaked chick pea by adding 1/4 tsp of dr mango powder with one whistle in pressure cooker or use canned boiled… Continue reading Chickpea & Paneer masala Gravy