Paruppu Vadai South Indian Style: (Lentil Fritters)

Let’s first talk about vada. Vada comes under savoury category, fried snacks from India. They are differently called or explained in English language as fritters,donuts,dumplings, or even as patties. They are basically made out of different lentil varieties which are soaked and added with few spices and made ad dumplings with a hole and deep… Continue reading Paruppu Vadai South Indian Style: (Lentil Fritters)

Masala vadai (South Indian fritter)

A fritter which has got a a beautiful blend of dals and chilies and blended with onions and some spices that enhances the flavor of it. Usually we use Chana dal for this masala vadai but this time I used mixed dal for making this one. The dal contains thuvar dal, masoor dal, urad dal… Continue reading Masala vadai (South Indian fritter)