Strawberry & Banana smoothie bowl


Hello all..!

Happy happy Sunday..!

I always love this pink.. such a adorable color..

Was waiting to grab some fresh stock of strawberries and yes I made this BANANA & STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL..

The color makes me crave for it more and I will not have heart to eat them all 😁

Anyways they are vegan ,gluten free and low carb and definitely tasty and healthy..


Strawberry -1 cup


Chia seeds-1tsp

Almond / coconut milk-1/2 cup

Maple syrup-1tsp

Homemade protein powder-1tbsp


Toss in everything in blender and transfer the purée in a bowl.. garnish with some chia,sliced strawberries.. then a little of coconut cream..

Add in some nuts and banana too…


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