Quite a popular and delicious dish from Northern side of India. This can be consumed as breakfast or as sides for the main course food items. Some would like to prepare the Paneer home made but, i bought them in stores. The veggies that are generally added to this is just three. Some would add… Continue reading PANEER BHURJI: (SCRAMBLED INDIAN COTTAGE CHEESE)

Green moong & Black Urud dal Dosa

GREEN MOONG & WHOLE BLACK URUD DAL DOSA: So naturally I made whole green moong dal sambar this morning and I was left with some extra moong so I decided to make this. I prepared the batter for two person. So here is the proportion GREEN MOONG DAL -1/2 cup BLACK URUD DAL-1/2 cup RAW… Continue reading Green moong & Black Urud dal Dosa

Sabudana kichdi

Hello 👋 Sabudana kichdi (javarisi /tapioca) a popular Indian dish made with soaked sabudana (tapioca pearls) in different part of India. They are consumed for breakfast or during fasting period. Using this tapioca pearls we can also make kheer, and vadam(tambrahm) (tapioca pearl crispies) They are rich in iron and helps maintain bone health adding… Continue reading Sabudana kichdi

Strawberry & Banana smoothie bowl

#brkfst Hello all..! Happy happy Sunday..! I always love this pink.. such a adorable color.. Was waiting to grab some fresh stock of strawberries and yes I made this BANANA & STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE BOWL.. The color makes me crave for it more and I will not have heart to eat them all 😁 Anyways they… Continue reading Strawberry & Banana smoothie bowl

Banana & Cinnamon cheesecake smoothie

It’s Friday so am relishing with a rich smoothie 😜 and people who are conscious and are following veganism or keto plz don’t see this post.. it’s absolutely for don’t care masters and I have set myself free today just to enjoy it.. Ingredients Banana-2 Cinnamon powder-1/3 tsp Cream cheese-2tsp Heavy cream-1/4cup Vanilla ice cream… Continue reading Banana & Cinnamon cheesecake smoothie

Pineapple Green smoothie

Hey all happy Friday.!. Today’s smoothie is vegan and gluten free and free of banana.. and people who don’t like banana can try this.. but personally I love them..! And of course I have some nice riped pineapples inside my fridge and planned to make use of it today.! I have added a teaspoon of… Continue reading Pineapple Green smoothie