Chettinad Cabbage kootu (Dal Gravy/Muttaikossu kootu curry)

Its a very easy and tasty South indian recipe of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad Cabbage kootu (Dal Gravy/Muttaikossu kootu curry) Apart from the routine kootu variety where we grind cumin,coconut and chilies its a different variation with an authentic taste which provides the restaurant feel in the recipe. The flavors of Fennel has lifted up the taste of this recipe so well and gives a wonderful blend along with the cabbage and an excellent way of taking cabbage if not interested  in taking it in other forms. Its so delicious and satisfying the taste buds when taken with Rice.  This is how to make this recipe and let me jump on to the recipe.


Thuvar dal -3/4 cup

Cabbage- 2 cups



Red chilies -2

Fennel seeds-2tsp

Grated Coconut-1tbsp

Oil-2 tsp


Salt as needed

Asafetida -1/2tsp


Coconut oil-1tsp



Urud dal-1 tsp

Cumin seeds-1tsp

Red chili-1/2

Curry leaves- an arch


1.Pressure cook the dal by adding turmeric  and four whistles. Allow the pressure to settle and mash well and keep aside.

2.In a pan add the oil and add red chilies and fennel seeds and saute and then to it add Onions and Tomatoes and saute for 3 mins on low flame . Then add salt only for this as we will be adding salt separately for the cabbage in the next step. Once its well sauteed add Coconut to it and then after a minute allow it to cool well and then make it as a smooth puree and keep it aside.

3. Now in the same pan boil the chopped cabbage by adding turmeric and salt to it .

4. Once you see the vegetable is boiled then add the mashed dal to it and then add the pureed paste to it.

5.Allow them to blend together and then once you see the texture or the consistency thickens switch of the flame and drizzle a tsp of coconut oil and then add curry leaves and then temper it with the ingredients mentioned below the tempering column.

6.A different and a tasty delicious kootu is ready to consume with Rice.. Its great with Dosa and chapati,parotta,lentil dosas too.

Enjoy making it.


1.Instead of Thuvar Dal, Moong dal can be added. And Chana dal can be added along with the dal mentioned before. (i mean you can add chana dal ALONG with either thuvar dal or moong dal)

2.I added Red chilies here as i ran out of Green chilies. So you can also add green chilies to this recipe.

3.Keep the above recipe simple as provided with the ingredients and dont mess adding extra ingredients in the name of exploring as it may spoil the authentic taste. Yes you can include garlic in here.But no ginger.


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