Kalyana rasam / poricha rasam



Toor dal-2tbsp cooked

Water-1 cup

Rock salt-1tbsp



Coriander leaves

Curry leaves


To fry and grind:


Toor dal-2tsp

Red chili-2

Pepper corns-1/4tsp



Pressure cook dal and mash it and mix it with a cup of water and keep aside.

Then in a blender add two chopped tomatoes and purée them.

Then in a pan add ghee and add the fry and grind items listed and blend it into a smooth paste.

Boil the tomato purée by adding dal water,turmeric,salt,asafetida.

Then to it add the grounded paste.

(I made it as paste coz ghee will not allow it to give a powder consistency and also easy to blend it with the rasam water and this is the flavor for this rasam)

Now add the coriander leaves.

Once the rasam becomes frothy then splutter mustard and curry leaves in ghee and add it to the rasam and hot rasam is ready to be served with rice 🍚..

You can also add chopped tomatoes to it and also some more water if you feel the consistency is thick.

I dint add coz the grounded tomato was a bit chunky in between so I was not in need of adding it.. but purely it’s a choice.

Happy Sunday ..! 🙂


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