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How To Make South Indian Curry Powder:

(With a twist of ingredients added to it than the regular ingredients)

Curry powder are preferably called in India as”MADRAS CURRY POWDER” now called Chennai yet the name is still the same when it comes for recipe labels. Curry Powders are always best when made at home. They are blended with subtle spices which are aromatic and add flavor to the dishes. It’s just a small variation to any vegetables or fries, and a pure Indian method from South Indian cuisine.

It’s purely easy with few ingredients. And I have added my own variations from the regular curry powder ingredients. As i have mentioned above that there is a twist in this from the usual method of making the authentic recipe. I will be writing the traditional method of the recipe soon.

So I will list down the ingredients list along with the Steps.



Red Chilies- 4-6 nos

Chana dal-1/2 cup

Coriander Seeds- 1/4 cup

Pepper corns – 2 teaspoons

Flax seeds -3 teaspoons

Asafetida powder -3/4 teaspoon (using asafetida whole piece – 1 small piece)

Dry turmeric – 2 nos (If using powder- 2 & 1/2 teaspoons)


1.Heat up a pan, start to dry roast every item on medium-high flame heat, one after the other except flax seeds and dry turmeric whole. Do that alone at last. Make sure the lentils/dal doesn’t turn black.

2.Once fried, allow them to cool down. Then blend them in the blender adding the turmeric along. Make a coarse powder of it and store them in a glass container or ever silver container. It can be stored outside in kitchen cabinet. As oil is not been added the shelf life of this comes around six months- an year.



Measurements are in US cup size (measurement cups) which varies in “ml”

I have added fennel seeds, if you aren’t interested you can skip adding it.

Some prefer to add garlic’s too.

Feel free to do your own variations. After all its your choice and thoughts in cooking 🙂


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