Frutta bowl


Berry fruits and any seasonal fruits

(Frozen or fresh)

Almond milk- 1 cup

Then for slicing :





Grated coconut

Chopped walnuts

Chocolate syrup(optional)

Peanut butter


Grind the berries and seasonal fruits like mango and pineapple and strawberry in nutri blender with almond milk into a smoothie form.

Then pour them into a bowl as base.

Then slice pineapple,banana,strawberry and kiwi and arrange them on top.

Then add grated coconut,chocolate syrup and peanut butter and walnuts on top of it. And serve chill.

A very healthy and a tasty breakfast or dessert is ready.

• see you can add any syrup even maple for your taste

•any seasonal fruits can be added as base except citrus variety even avocado smoothie can be added for a healthy and a colorful base.

•then you can add flavored or Greek yoghurt instead of almond milk.

Am not an expert in decorating it or presenting it and I did my best so enjoy trying it at home and stay healthy.!!! 💁🏻‍♀️🤓


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