Beans thuvaran poriyal



Tuvar dal-1/4 cup



Red chili-2

Urud dal-1/2tsp

Asafetida-1/4 tsp


Rock salt as needed(even table salt can be used)


Boil beans by adding turmeric and salt for 10 mins. On the other hand soak tuvar dal in water .

After beans has got boiled drain the water and in a pan add oil,chili,mustard,urud dal and then add the beans. Stir it and then add the drained tuvar dal to it.

Then add asafetida and then let it get cooked for 5 more mins so cover it with lid and put the flame on low and then after 5 mins stir it and add grated coconut to it.

The poriyal is ready .!


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