Beetroot Kari: (Beetroot Fry)

The Beetroot is a taproot portion of a beet plant. Usually, known as beets in Canada and USA. May have anti cancer properties,Lowers blood pressure and improves the performance during exercise and also one’s energy level. It helps improve digestive health and it’s anti inflammatory. It’s a hearty and an earthy vegetable, as its a… Continue reading Beetroot Kari: (Beetroot Fry)

Vaazhakai Milagu Kari: – [Raw Banana Pepper Curry]

Raw banana (or) Plantains are type of banana (or) can say from the same family. Its one variety commonly grown i n tropical regions.This comes under starchy vegetables and are less sweeter than bananas. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin B-6 and minerals. The soluble fiber in this vegetable inhibit pathogens that causes diarrhea. Widely… Continue reading Vaazhakai Milagu Kari: – [Raw Banana Pepper Curry]

Cluster beans curry (Kothavarangai thengai curry)

One of the green beans variety or family I would say is the cluster beans. You have many varieties to make with this one. But I preferred to make this South Indian poriyal/ curry with coconut. Let me get into the recipe. INGREDIENTS: Cluster beans- 1/2 lb Oil – 2 teaspoons Mustard – 3/4 teaspoon… Continue reading Cluster beans curry (Kothavarangai thengai curry)

Bitter gourd & Zucchini coconut curry

First of all I thought of making salad with these two vegetables but my husband wanted it as curry, so I thought ok I thought I can go for it. So let’s jump in directly to the recipe instead of my blah blah.! 😬 Ingredients: Bittergourd -1 Zucchini- 1/2 nos Onion- 1 Olive oil- 3… Continue reading Bitter gourd & Zucchini coconut curry

Spinach & Carrot Coconut curry

A very simple and quick to do poriyal/curry/fry is this Spinach & Carrot coconut curry. It’s healthy and nutritious and even kids will eat as even the carrots in here are grated. It’s not a unique dish and all. Just the usual South Indian variety. Down to the recipe. INGREDIENTS: Spinach -1 cup (chopped) Carrot-… Continue reading Spinach & Carrot Coconut curry

Brinjal tomato curry (Eggplant & Tomato Curry)

Yet another, most simpler and easy version of making Brinjal curry. The small eggplants /Brinjal is used in this. It can be consumed with Rice, Dosa, Roti. Diving into the recipe now. INGREDIENTS: Brinjal – 7 to 8 pieces. Tomato purée -1/2 cup Onion- 1 big Turmeric powder- 1/2 teaspoon Red chili powder- 2 teaspoon… Continue reading Brinjal tomato curry (Eggplant & Tomato Curry)