Potukadalai/Bengal gram muruku

All of a sudden my daughter jumped into a picture in google when I was browsing and saw some thenguzhal and stuffs and started to demand me saying “go into the kitchen and make one”

I was like not me😭 because was so tired.. but kids won’t leave us..!

Anyways I thought of making potukadalai muruku..

Let’s jump on to the recipe


Rice flour- 1 1/2cup

Potukadalai/bengal gram- 1/2 cup

Ajwain/carom seeds-1tsp

Sesame seeds-1tsp

Asafetida-1/4 tsp

Salt -3/4 tsp

Red chili powder-1tsp


Oil for frying


Make potukadalai into powder by adding them in a blender.

Just add all the ingredients in a bowl..

Then add little water and make it as a stiff dough.

Then add the dough in muruku acchu..!

Then just shape the muruku on a flat turner and add it to the oil and fry it on medium low so that inside of the muruku will get cooked and outside will be crispy..!

A delicious treat for snack time..!

Enjoy with filter coffee or chai..!


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