Apple & Banana spiced smoothie

Today’s breakfast smoothie .!

Its a healthy and delicious packed smoothie which is filling and relishing for anyone.. as it’s creamy and tasty even kids will love to take.!

Apple pie is such a tasty treat, but this has all the nutrients and sweet cravings you need to satisfy your taste buds with out feeling guilty.!


Ripe banana-1

Red apple -1/2

Rolled oats-1/4cup


Chia seeds -1 tsp(soaked in water)

Almond butter-1tsp

Greek yoghurt-1/4 cup( substitute with Normal yoghurt or non diary item(almond milk or coconut milk)

Vanilla essence-1tsp

Apple spice- a dash to garnish

(Spice mix of cinnamon,nutmeg and cardamom)

Ice cubes-2 to 3


In a blender add all the above mentioned items and blend them on high. And garnish on top with the Apple spice powder..!

A filling and a flavorful and tasty smoothie is ready to take for a morning breakfast.!

You can substitute the non diary or yoghurt with coconut water.!

Have a great start.!πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


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