Madras Mixture is one of the most popular variety of snack in South India. It is the most famous of Deepavali snacks which is made in most houses during this occasion. Also it is very popular in sweet shops sold year around. There are varieties of them. But, this is my favorite of all. It… Continue reading SOUTH INDIAN MIXTURE|MADRAS MIXTURE|DEEPAVALI RECIPE|SPICY MIXTURE RECIPES:

Masala vadai (South Indian fritter)

A fritter which has got a a beautiful blend of dals and chilies and blended with onions and some spices that enhances the flavor of it. Usually we use Chana dal for this masala vadai but this time I used mixed dal for making this one. The dal contains thuvar dal, masoor dal, urad dal… Continue reading Masala vadai (South Indian fritter)

Gobi 65 (Fried cauliflower)

DRY GOBI/GOBI 65/CAULIFLOWER FLORETS FRY: Take the cauliflower florets and cut them to the shape and then in a vessel or bowl add 2 & 1/2 tbsp of all purpose flour, 1tbsp of corn flour, 1tsp of garlic powder, 1tsp of onion powder, 1/2 tsp pepper powder,1tbsp of Kashmiri red chili powder, salt as needed,… Continue reading Gobi 65 (Fried cauliflower)

Spicy peanut salad

Masala kadalai/ Peanut salad: An evening craving for this spicy and tangy quick snack which is filled with veggies and peanuts.. Method: Toss in finely chopped onions,tomatoes,zucchini (you can use cucumber), peanuts and then drizzle with salt,red chili powder (or paprika) cumin powder and lemon juice.. garnish with some coriander leaves.. and serve and will… Continue reading Spicy peanut salad

Chili Bhajji /Long Chilli Fritters

Chilli bhajji (fritters) /Molagai bhajji: . . . . _______________________________________ When it rains outside its definitely a must on for hot fritters.. Who likes to have such? .. Method: 1. Slit and take the seeds off from the chilies and wash them. 2. In a bowl add 4tbsp of Gram flour/Besan Flour and to it… Continue reading Chili Bhajji /Long Chilli Fritters

Pazham pori (Banana fritters)

Pazham pori/Ethakka appam (pazham bhajji/Banana fritters) An all time favorite snack in Kerala. It’s also called as “Ethakka appam” It is easy to prepare and it’s sweet and tasty. It is made with nendram pazham/ cooking banana.. So here is the recipe: INGREDIENTS: Ripe banana-2 All purpose flour-1/2cup Corn flour/rice flour-2tbsp Yellow food color /… Continue reading Pazham pori (Banana fritters)

Dry ginger & cardamom cookies with Pepper & cinnamon infused chai

Wanting to make tea today.. but was also craving for some cookie or biscuit to dip with it.. and I always love ginger flavor or cardamom flavor.. And definitely definitely I was missing this road side tea biscuits that are always a heavenly choice for me.. and I cannot find that here 😓 So suddenly… Continue reading Dry ginger & cardamom cookies with Pepper & cinnamon infused chai

Crispy corn

A tasty crispy treat for your evening along with coffee/tea time..! Ingredients Sweet corn -2 cups All purpose flour-2tbsp Rice flour-1tbsp Corn flour-1 tbsp Red chili powder-1/2 tsp Turmeric -1/4 tsp Salt as needed Pepper powder-1/4tsp Dry mango powder-1/4 tsp Onion-1 Capsicum-1/4 Oil-3tbsp Method: Mix all the powdered ingredients to the boiled sweet corn and… Continue reading Crispy corn