Fruits & avocado chocolate dip

Loved this one..! Very tasty and healthy too..! I would also call this as chocolate guacamole 😉

This chocolate dip is yummy and healthy as it is as well delicious to go with fruits too..! Enjoy as your morning breakfast or for snack..!

Definitely an easy one to make and check this out now.!


Avocado-2(depending on your need)

90% dark chocolate-3 pieces

Unsweetened coco powder-2 tsp

Pitted dates-2

Mint extract-1 tsp

Heavy cream-2 tsp


Simple.. toss them altogether in the blender and purée it.. and serve chill with fruits and enjoy the feast..

trust me this will also cure your dessert craving 🙂

Have a good night all.!


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