Dal Fry (Instant Pot Recipe)

In Indian cuisine Dal is one of a popular dish that’s commonly cooked in household, served along with Roti’s (Indian bread) and also with Chawal (plain Rice). There are different lentils used to cook this and sometimes used with four varieties together too. As well peas and bean varieties are also used along, or separately.… Continue reading Dal Fry (Instant Pot Recipe)

Lunch Dabba Series-1

Lunch dabba or the Lunch Box series in food carrier is always a healthy option as the food is prepared at home, likewise you will save your pocket as well as health. I hope many of you will agree to what i say 😉 Before i start this, would like to disclose that I prefer… Continue reading Lunch Dabba Series-1


Quite a popular and delicious dish from Northern side of India. This can be consumed as breakfast or as sides for the main course food items. Some would like to prepare the Paneer home made but, i bought them in stores. The veggies that are generally added to this is just three. Some would add… Continue reading PANEER BHURJI: (SCRAMBLED INDIAN COTTAGE CHEESE)


Kosambari is a typical south indian salad that is made easily with few ingredients. They are consumed as snacks as well as served along with full course meals. They are also served in hindu weddings as a part of the menu. It is indeed made during festivals and special occasions as mentioned in weddings too.… Continue reading KOSAMBARI (SOUTH INDIAN SALAD)


This salad is fresh and protein packed with all the nutrients that is needed for our health. It is very easy and simple to make with the minimal ingredients and vegetables that we have at home in our refrigerator. I have added what i ahd at home. But, you can choose to add vegetables of… Continue reading CHANA AND PANEER SALAD: (CHICKPEAS AND INDIAN COTTAGE CHEESE SALAD)


Beans kootu is a very simple and traditional tamil brahmin recipe. There are various ways and methods of making this one, including choosing different lentils to be added. The one that I have made is usually given to women after giving birth to a child in the household as post pregnancy food recipe. But, the… Continue reading GREEN BEANS MILAGU KOOTU: (GREEN BEANS PEPPER DAL GRAVY)- (SOUTH INDIAN STYLE)

Paruppu Vadai South Indian Style: (Lentil Fritters)

Let’s first talk about vada. Vada comes under savoury category, fried snacks from India. They are differently called or explained in English language as fritters,donuts,dumplings, or even as patties. They are basically made out of different lentil varieties which are soaked and added with few spices and made ad dumplings with a hole and deep… Continue reading Paruppu Vadai South Indian Style: (Lentil Fritters)


Pakora / Pakoda is a spicy fritter originated from Indian subcontinent.Basically sold by street vendors, or served in restaurants In South Asian worldwide. This is made as evening snack along with hot Indian Chai. Popular among is made with onions. But, this is made with other vegetables like potato’s, cabbages as well paneer (Indian cottage… Continue reading SPINACH & CASHEW PAKORA/PAKODA: