Ellu sadham (Sesame seeds Rice)

Ellu sadham (Sesame seeds Rice) is very tasty, flavorful and easy to make South Indian Lunch  Recipe which can also be made for any special occasions. It’s a quick Lunch Box recipe for Adults as well kids. Aadi 18 is one of the special day in Tamil month of “Aadi” month which falls by August every year. And this is made as one of the rice recipe. Though Sesame seeds has got heat producing properties, it has got lot of other benefits too with it. The detail post on how to make Sesame Rice powder is already given. Take a look at it. Now let us go to the recipe column of how to make this rice.






Sesame Rice Powder- 2 tablespoon

Cooked Rice- 1 cup

Salt- as required for rice

Sesame Oil -3 teaspoon

Red chili-1

Mustard-3/4 teaspoon

Urud dal-1 teaspoon

Chana dal- 1 teaspoon

Peanuts- 2 tablespoon

Curry leaves – 1 arch




1. Cook rice for 2 whistles. Allow it to cool down. Once done transfer into a bowl and add salt.

2. In a pan add 1 tsp of oil and to it add 1teaspoon of urad dal, Chana dal and 1 red chili..Add fresh curry leaves arch. At last, add Once they are golden in color, Add this to the rice.

3. Now add 2 tablespoons of the Sesame Rice Powder and mix gently.

4.Serve hot with your favorite vegetable fry or fritters.



  • Using black sesame gives a color and flavor which I prefer personally for this rice. You can also use white/brown sesame seeds.
  • I have used Raw ponni rice here. You can use boiled rice or even Basmati Rice.
  • You can also add a teaspoon of ghee to the rice.
  • The spice varies according to your taste so adding more numbers of chilies (6) are totally up to you. I added three according my taste. Which i have mentioned in the sesame rice powder recipe.




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