Home-made curry powder

Home made Curry powder (karamidhu podi)

An authentic powder made from traditions with a twist of spices blended together to give a fresh aroma to the food.

This one can be used for veggies and even for stuffed veggies and also can be grounded along with coconut for sambar.

Easy steps to make. And they taste great when added to the cooking.

If you are using this powder you can reduce the add on of red chili powder into half than the usual proportion.

Before going to the recipe I will tell you that here I have added the spice according to my family’s spice level so please add the chilies according to your need. As dal is here so that will subside the chilies if you add less.


Oil-2 tsp

Chana dal -1 cup

Urud dal -1 cup

Coriander seeds -3/4 cup

Red chilies -30 or 1 cup

Pepper corns-2 tsp (optional)


• Add oil in a pan, add the red chilies and pepper. Sauté and then to it add the dal items and coriander seeds.

•Then once it’s sautéed and the color turns red switch off the flame and spread them in a plate and allow them to cool.

•Grind them into a coarse powder and store in an air tight container or glass jar.


•As I mentioned I have used less chilies and you can increase accordingly

• You can skip Urud dal and use Chana dal alone for this recipe. (Adding urud is a choice )

•Try to sauté red chilies first and keep aside and also grind them first. Maximum try to sauté each item separately. As I know how to do and I was in a hurry I couldn’t do separately.

•Pepper is an option and if you don’t want to add you can skip it.

•Some will add salt to it. I don’t as I may forget that concept while cooking and will not remember.

•You can also add dedicated coconut (dried)

•I did not add Asafetida because I don’t have the whole asafetida (katti perungaayam) so adding powder might burn it and change the color so I skipped. And you can fry the whole asafetida first in oil and keep aside if you have while making.!

Try making this recipe.!


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