Milagu vadai/Pepper Vada

Milagu vadai ( Anjaneyar vadai 😬/ulundhu Milagu vadai)






Urud dal -1/2 cup

Pepper -3 tsp

Rice flour -2 tbsp

Salt as needed

Asafetida-1/2 tsp (optional)

Oil for frying

(And some patience 😅)


1. Soak the dal for half n hour ( I soaked for four hours because of work I had) so the duration of 30 mins should be fine.

2. Strain the water completely and add them to the blender and to it add the salt, asafetida, rice flour and pepper corns.

3. Grind them with out adding water.. just to loosen it a little bit add a teaspoon of water and then to it add one teaspoon of hot oil. And mix.

4. In a sheet, or thin wet white cloth or ZIPLOCK cover wet the sheet and make a dumpling out of the batter ( remember batter has to be thick and not like regular urud dal vada) place them on the sheet and press the corners to make it thin and little thick in the middle and make a hole. And gently lift them without breaking and deep fry in oil by keeping the temperature of oil at right mode.

5. You can also use a small cup to make the shape by pressing on the batter dumpling see to that u apply some oil to the cup so that it won’t stick.

Quite a tricky one.. experienced will say it’s a piece of cake.! It wasn’t one for me 🤭

Then you can use this as neivediyam (as special offering for anjaneyar/hanuman) usually.. or just grab and eat one.!


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