Paneer kheer


Crumbled paneer-1 cup

Whole milk-1 cup

Full cream-1/4 cup

Sugar-1/2 cup

Water -1/4 cup

Saffron- a pinch

Rose essence- a drop

(Cardamom-1/4 tsp)

Badam/pistachio sliced-1 tsp


Soak saffron in a teaspoon of milk.

Crumble paneer and keep aside.

In a saucepan add whole milk and full cream and allow it to boil.

Add sliced badam/pistachio to it and the soaked saffron.

Allow the milk to reduce to half portion.

On the other pan add sugar and water and when it boils add the crumbled paneer to it.

And add the boiled milk to this mixture and switch off the flame.

Add rose essence or cardamom powder.

Refrigerate and serve chill..

A delicious and a tasty filling easy dessert is ready.!

Enjoy it chill.!


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