Vegan chocolate mousse

Hi all..! Am here with a vegan and gluten free dessert recipe which is healthy and delicious at the same time.! Even kids will love this one..! No carbs or no gmo or gluten..! The recipe has got easily available things. Let’s check on with the recipe.! Ingredients: •Avocado-3 •Unsweetened coco powder-2tbsp •90% dark chocolate-3… Continue reading Vegan chocolate mousse

Mango mastani

Ingredients Mango purée-1/2cup Mango ice cream-1/4cup Milk-1/4 cup Pistachios-1tsp Method: Blend mango ice cream,mango purée and milk in blender (I used everything homemade) And garnish on top with some pistachios.. You can use almonds or tutty fruity too.. A very quick and tasty and easy dessert Kids will love it too.!

Semiya payasam

Ingredients Vermicelli/Semiya-1 cup Ghee-1tsp Cashews-1tbsp Raisins-2tsps Milk-1/2 cup Sugar-1/4 cup Condensed milk-1/4cup(optional) Or Full cream-1/4 cup(optional) Cardamom-a pinch Saffron-few strands Method: In a pan add ghee and fry cashew and raisins and keep aside. Then in the leftover ghee add the semiya and sauté for 2mins and then add water and milk mixed to it.… Continue reading Semiya payasam

Strawberry & Banana cheesecake smoothie

It’s Friyay.!!!! So instead of being healthy I choosed to indulge my morning breakfast with a dessert kind and made this Banana & strawberry cheese cake smoothie.!!!!! Ingredients Frozen strawberries-1/2 cup Banana-1 Strawberry ice cream-2 scoops Cream cheese-1tbsp Full cream-1/4 cup Whole milk-1/2 cup Graham crackers-1/4 cup Whip cream Method: Frozen strawberries,Banana,full cream,whole milk,cream cheese,strawberry… Continue reading Strawberry & Banana cheesecake smoothie

Mango ice cream

Ingredients Puréed mango-1 cup Banana-1 Full cream-1 cup Whip cream -1/4 cup Condensed milk-1/4 cup Mango essence – a drop Yellow color-(optional) Method: In a bowl add full cream,whip cream and condensed milk and beat them well.. Then to it add mashed banana,mango purée and the essence and color. Blend them all well..until becomes creamy.… Continue reading Mango ice cream