Mushroom kurma

This is of course like the general kurma..! But for a change I added an ingredient which many may not like.. but nothing wrong in giving it a shot..!


Mushrooms-1 cup


Tomato purée-1/2 cup



Salt as needed

(Optional is curd and almonds instead of walnuts )

Coriander leaves

To make the paste:

Coconut-1/2 cup

Fennel seeds-1tsp

Kasa kasa (khus-khus)-1tsp

Walnuts-5 to 6 piece(the ingredient😁)

Green chili-1

Ginger-1/4 piece

Garlic-2 cloves




Cinnamon -1

Star anise-1

Bay leaf -1


In a pan add butter,onion and turmeric and sauté for two mins.

Then to it add the sliced mushrooms.

Then add the tomato purée and cook for 2 mins.

Simultaneously grind the items below to make it as paste.

And add that to the purée.

Cover with lid and cook for 5 to 7 mins.

Add some water if needed.

Garnish with coriander leaves and do the tadka with ghee and masalas.

Serve hot with roti,paratha,phulka,jeera rice,pulav or even with dosa..


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