Strawberry & Cauliflower smoothie

Strawberry and cauliflower smoothie.!!

Now don’t keep your face odd.. I did the same.!!!

Trust me they are delicious and tastes like ice cream..

They are healthy,gluten free and vegan..!!!

And simple ingredients..

Sugar free too.

Am not going to talk about the benefits of cauliflower here as I have told yesterday in the rice recipe and anyways many will be aware of it too..!!!

Let’s go to the recipe .!


Frozen cauliflower-1/4 cup

Frozen strawberries-1/4 cup (use fresh ones too)


Coconut milk-1/2 cup

Chia seeds-1tsp

Melon seeds-1tsp


Blend everything together and enjoy your smoothie.. to kick start a long day..! It’s tasty and filling.!

Try out and enjoy your morning breakfast.!


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