Pineapple Green smoothie

Hey all happy Friday.!.

Today’s smoothie is vegan and gluten free and free of banana.. and people who don’t like banana can try this..

but personally I love them..!

And of course I have some nice riped pineapples inside my fridge and planned to make use of it today.!

I have added a teaspoon of honey which surely doesn’t come under the veganism but that’s purely an option..

The smoothie as it is will be good without sweetener as natural sweetness from the fruit.. but if you prefer just add the pitted dates alone or maple syrup..

So blended that with this recipe list..


Pineapple-1 cup


Orange juice-1/2 cup

Spinach-3/4 cup

Coconut water-1 cup

Pitted dates-2

Raw honey-1tsp(optional)

Chia seeds-1tsp

Pomegranate -1tsp


Blend all the above ingredients into a blender and enjoy your super cool sweet and tangy flavored smoothie garnished with pomegranate on top..

Have a beautiful weekend all 😊


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