Vaazhakai Milagu Kari: – [Raw Banana Pepper Curry]

Raw banana (or) Plantains are type of banana (or) can say from the same family. Its one variety commonly grown i n tropical regions.This comes under starchy vegetables and are less sweeter than bananas. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin B-6 and minerals. The soluble fiber in this vegetable inhibit pathogens that causes diarrhea.

Widely famous in parts of India, this can be consumed and prepared in various versions like chips, fritters, steam cooking as well. For babies and also little kids, powders been prepared preferably by drying it and then its prepared as porridge by adding milk to it.

Well commonly used in South India, we prepare them as finely chopped and sauteed vegetable. At times adding some tamarind water to it. Added to the gravies or curries. Used for chips. Even dipped in spicy batters and deep fried for snacks. We do steam cook them and season them and tossed with freshly grated coconuts.

I tried making the proper South Indian method of cooking it by adding pepper corns and garlics to it instead of chilies or green or red peppers of any forms. Now let me take you all to the recipe note. Before going to that lets find out the ingredients list for this.


Raw Banana-2

Garlics-4-5 nos

Pepper corns-1 TBSP

Turmeric-1/2 teaspoon

Salt- as needed

Coriander powder-1&1/2-2teaspoons

Fennel powder-1teaspoon

Asafetida powder-1/2teaspoon

Curry leaves



Red chili-1


Urad dal-3/4tsp


1.Wash and peel the skin of the plantain. Cut them into four pieces and add them in water so they wont darken.

2.In a motor pestle add the pepper corns and then crush them into a coarse way and then add the garlics along and crush them too.

3.In a pan add oil, add the tempering items like mustard, chili, urad dal, and curry leaves. Once the dal turns golden in color add the strained plantains. ( Don’t forget to strain the plantains from water)

4.Add salt, turmeric, asafetida powder. Mix well.

5.Add Coriander powder and Fennel powder, stir and then splash some water and cover it with lid and cook on low flame. After 5 minutes add the crushed pepper and garlic and mix well later cook the whole plantain for 10 minutes.

6.After the desired time the plantains will be well cooked and they are ready to be served with Rice and any soups of your taste and even goes well with curd (Plain Yoghurt) Rice.

Raw Banana/Plantain Pepper curry


1.You can also chop them instead of dicing them or cutting them into four.

2.Can avoid garlic and then add sliced or chopped onions to it.

3.Can replace partial chili powder or grounded raw dried chilies along with pepper corns instead of adding only pepper corns.

4. Can also add tamarind water while cooking them instead of splashing just water to it.

5.If you are fine to add whole dried turmeric, or use fresh turmeric add them while crushing pepper corns and garlic.

6. If you don’t have coriander powder or fennel powder, crush the whole spice and add them or add the whole spice while tempering.

7. Can also add cumin powder, will be flavorful.


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