Lemon Rice

A rice based dish widely popular and prepared in South India. It is the mixing of seasoning and spices along with turmeric and lemon juice. Adding the turmeric enhances the color of the rice giving the lemony vibe flavoring with the lemon’s juice. They are also called as Chitranna in other language from India. Its… Continue reading Lemon Rice


As you all would have made or tasted the simple veg pulao enriched with coconut milk, which makes the dish more softer and aromatic with the freshness of coconut milk. It’s very easy and a simple rice recipe, especially when you make it in Pressure cooker. As it makes the work simpler. There are versions… Continue reading COCONUT MILK PULAO |Recipe

Vegetable Chana Pulav

________________________________________ Veg & Chana pulav: Chop veggies like carrots,cauliflower,potato,peas and beans and boil Chana (or use canned) In a blender add 3 green chilies,2 tbsp coconut, 1 tsp poppy seeds, 1 tsp fennel seeds, 1/2 cinnamon stick, 3 cardamoms, little coriander leaves, and grind them into a purée. In a pan add 2 tbsp of… Continue reading Vegetable Chana Pulav

Cabbage & paneer in coconut curry AND Cilantro , Lemon Cauliflower rice

One part of Dinner tonight.! 1.CABBAGE & PANEER COCONUT MILK CURRY 2.CILANTRO, LEMON CAULIFLOWER RICE Yes ,I mean this is a Low carb , Gluten free, Guilt free 😁, Keto Diet Recipe.! Moonji apadi poga vendam. (Plisss smile 😋) I explored and tried these recipe and it’s not only for people in these diet or… Continue reading Cabbage & paneer in coconut curry AND Cilantro , Lemon Cauliflower rice

Ellu sadham (Sesame seeds Rice)

Ellu sadham (Sesame seeds Rice) is very tasty, flavorful and easy to make South Indian Lunch  Recipe which can also be made for any special occasions. It’s a quick Lunch Box recipe for Adults as well kids. Aadi 18 is one of the special day in Tamil month of “Aadi” month which falls by August… Continue reading Ellu sadham (Sesame seeds Rice)

Cauliflower rice stuffing

I saw this recipe in Instagram again and was impressed with this keto,low carb and gluten free vegan recipe.! I wasn’t able to add all the items that was mentioned being a vegetarian.. Ingredients Shredded cauliflower-2cups Yellow onions-1 Celery-1 stick Mushrooms-1/4 cup Garlic minced-1tbsp Pecans-1/4 cup Sesame seeds-1tsp Dried basil leaves-1/2tsp Thyme-1/4tsp Balsamic vinaigrette-1tsp White… Continue reading Cauliflower rice stuffing