As you all would have made or tasted the simple veg pulao enriched with coconut milk, which makes the dish more softer and aromatic with the freshness of coconut milk. It’s very easy and a simple rice recipe, especially when you make it in Pressure cooker. As it makes the work simpler.

There are versions without adding onions and garlic. I have made with out garlic yet onions been added. But, you can ignore it if you don’t want to add them. It is easy lunch box menu or a busy day menu and goes with simple gravies or dal or even with raita or the least with plain curd.

I had my pulao platter with Gobi 65 and banana chips. How do you like to eat them??

Before further lecture about it, (oops, further description about how it will be) let me, jump into the recipe.

TIME: 25 mins


Onions -1 big

Carrots – 1

Green beans – 5-7 pieces

Green chilies – 3-4

Whole Garam masala items (Spice items)- 1/3 cup [includes: 2 bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks, anise flower, maze, cardamom-4 pieces, black cumins-1tsp, fennel seeds-1tsp]

Coconut Milk- 2&1/2 cup

Salt- as needed

Basmati Rice/Normal rice -1 cup

Coriander leaves / Cilantro – optional


  1. In a pan add 4 tsps of ghee (brown butter) and then to it add the whole garam masala items. saute them. To it add the green chilies and onions.
  2. Then add the carrots and beans and then the salt and add thin coconut milk of 1/4 cup. (diluted in water) and cook for 5 mins.
  3. Then in a vessel add the rice and add the cooked veggie with milk and add balance 1/3 cup of thick milk, Pressure cook with two whistles.
  4. Don’t remove it from cooker until pressure goes down, as well don’t mix and see while it’s hot. Leave it as it is and then once its cool stir together and serve them hot as i said earlier.


  • You can use even boiled rice for this.
  • Vegetables like Peas, corn, Cauliflower and potatoes can be used in this.
  • For quick video, igtv and recipes story do follow on my instagram @thehomemadecooking (That’s my handle name)

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