Cauliflower rice stuffing

I saw this recipe in Instagram again and was impressed with this keto,low carb and gluten free vegan recipe.!

I wasn’t able to add all the items that was mentioned being a vegetarian..


Shredded cauliflower-2cups

Yellow onions-1

Celery-1 stick

Mushrooms-1/4 cup

Garlic minced-1tbsp

Pecans-1/4 cup

Sesame seeds-1tsp

Dried basil leaves-1/2tsp


Balsamic vinaigrette-1tsp

White wine-1tsp(optional)

Himalayan pink salt- as per taste

Olive oil-2tsp


Shred the cauliflower and boil it for 5 mins or use frozen cauliflower..

Then finely chop yellow onions..

Then in a pan add olive oil, sesame seeds and minced garlic..

To it add onions and celery and sauté for 2 mins..

Then add paprika powder,pepper powder and salt..

Then add diced mushrooms and then cook for two more mins.

To it add the dried basil leaves and thyme,balsamic vinaigrette and wine.

Then add the boiled cauliflower rice and pecans..

Cook for two more mins on high to medium..

And serve hot..

You can add lemon juice and fresh parsley too..

You can skip the addition of wine..

The actual recipe had poultry water and red wine vinegar.. as I don’t have them I replaced them with the items of my choice.. if you don’t like you can skip the step too..

I served this for dinner tonight and along with the sesame broccoli and paneer toss..!


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