Chunky chocolate chip chocolate ice cream

This is a delicious ice cream which can be made easily at home with out an ice cream machine..!

The chocolaty flavor lifts up our mood and gives an energetic vibe and make us fall more in love with it with its chunky and crunchy bite of the chocolate bars and chip that toss in between..


Heavy full cream-1 cup

Condensed milk-1/2 cup

Cream cheese-1 tbsp

Unsweetened coco powder-3tbsp

Chunks of chocolate-1/4 cup

Chocolate chips-1/4 cup


With the help of a blender whip in well the full cream,condensed milk and the cream cheese (optional) and then to it add the coco powder and whip well..

Then add chocolate chunks and chip and

Mix well..

Freeze them for 4 to 6 hours or overnight..

Enjoy this as your dessert..! 🍨


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