Bread halwa

Making halwa is the easiest of all.. like some are time consuming and some are quickie for our sweet tooth craving..

One of the easy and tasty option is making halwa with bread..

And here we go with the recipe..!


Bread-6 to 7 loafs

Milk-1/2 cup

Brown sugar-3tbsp

Cashews -7 to 8



Cardamom- 1/3tsp


Full cream-2tbsp


In a pan add 2tbsp of ghee and cut the cut breads and sauté for 3 mins without burning it.

Then on the other hand heat the milk adding sugar to it..

Add the milk mixture to the bread and it will turn mushy..

Mash them well by adding a teaspoon of ghee and full cream.

Mix well for 2 more mins and then garnish with cashews and raisins in ghee..

Tasty and hot halwa is ready to serve as your dessert..


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