Vegan chocolate mousse

Hi all..! Am here with a vegan and gluten free dessert recipe which is healthy and delicious at the same time.!

Even kids will love this one..!

No carbs or no gmo or gluten..!

The recipe has got easily available things.

Let’s check on with the recipe.!



•Unsweetened coco powder-2tbsp

•90% dark chocolate-3 bars (melted)

Or (almond bark)

•Almond milk-1/4 cup

•vanilla essence-1tsp

•Agave/Honey-3 tbsp


In a blender scoop out the avocados,add melted chocolate,coco powder,almond milk,agave and vanilla essence to it..

Use your food processor or blender and make a smooth paste out of it..

Tada..!! A mousse without cream.. and avocado as a natural creamy lifter here.!

Scoop into a glass or cup and top it with some fresh or frozen raspberries for color..! Refrigerate for 3 hours if needed and serve chill..!

Any a time favorite.!


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