Ellu Podi: (Sesame Rice Powder)

Sesame Seeds are a good source of healthy fats,protein, B, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant compounds.

These seeds may help in blood pressure, may support in healthy bones. May reduce the inflammation,Helps in aid blood sugar control,Rich in antioxidants. Alos, May support immune system, and support thyroid health. Aid hormone balance during menopause.

This is quite easy to add in to your diet. So here i have made the powder which is to be mixed with rice.

Ellu Podi/ Sesame Rice Powder, I have a short reels video in my instagram coming tomorrow. Its an excellent accompaniment with rice and ghee, Idly, Dosa, and even Curd rice.

Black Sesame seeds or White Sesame seeds can be used or also mixed together to use in this. I have used brown sesame seeds. Which are also called Till Seeds in Hindi.

If interested check the Ellu sadham Recipe / Sesame Rice.


Sesame seeds (Brown)- 1 cup

Chana dal- 1/4 cup

Urad dal-1/2 cup

Kashmiri Red chili-6-7

Curry Leaves- Handsful

Asafetida powder- 1/2 teaspoon

Salt – As needed


1.Measure all the ingredients and keep them ready. As i mentioned earlier that i have used brown Sesame Seeds. This can be replaced with Black/ White Sesame seeds.

2. Heat a pan, add Chilies first and saute it for 3-4 minutes and then keep them aside. Allow the chilies to cool down and then grind them separately first.

3. Then in the same pan add Urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves and fry them together. Remember everything is a dry roast here. Some prefer to add the asafetida powder along while frying and some don’t. I have added along and roasted these on low flame. So the asafetida won’t burn along.

4. Transfer the roasted items in a plate, and allow it to cool. Then in the same pan add the Sesame seeds and roast them quickly without burning them. Frying them for a longer time will release the oil in itself in sesame seeds and will become messy.

5. Transfer the seeds to the same plate in which you transferred the other roasted lentils.

6. Allow everything to cool down, add salt, and then grind them in the same blender where the chilies been grounded. Infact, along with the grounded chilies. Make sure you pulse them semi coarse. And not as fine powder.

7. Store them in a clear glass container or jar, or even in ever silver or stainless steel utensils. Shelf life is 6 weeks outside,in a cool dry place in kitchen, 2-3 months in fridge and 6-8 months in freezer.


  • Sesame seeds- You can use Black, White as well brown as i have done.
  • Do not over roast or slow roast sesame seeds as it will release oil and becomes messy and won’t be able to make this powder or have longer shelf life.
  • If you like you can add little bit of pepper corns, garlic pods or powder.
  • I used Kashmiri red chilies so the quantity is less. If you use a regular chilies add 10-12 even that the variation differs according to your taste. And always roast and grind the chilies first. some prefer to roast it with dal, but i dont roast on high heat so i never faced burning problems. Suit Yourself in this. Either ways are fine.
  • Do not pulse sesame seeds for longer time as it secretes oil.
  • If you feel too spicy you can add jaggery powder or a piece of jaggery while grinding.

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