Coriander leaves moong dal sambar (with mithuku vathal)

I always used to add them in curries and sambar and rasam.! And have even made chutneys and thogayal’s out of it.

But this time I wanted to try this differently. But I dint have thuvar dal, so had already cooked moong dal. So made this sambar with this dal.

Let’s get into the recipe.


1. Coriander leaves – 1 set

2. Tamarind paste -2 tablespoons

3. Onions – 3

4. Tomato -1

5. Garlic clove – 4

6. Fennel seeds -1 tsp

7. Chana dal – 1 tbsp

8. Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp

9. Red chilies -2

10. Sambar powder – 1 tsp

11. Salt for taste

12. Oil – 3 tsps

13. Moong dal -4 tablespoon

14. Ghee- 2 tsps

15. Mithuku vathal – 2 tablespoons

16. Mustard – 3/4 tsp

17. Fenugreek -1/4 tsp

18. Asafetida – 1 small piece


1. Wash and clean the coriander leaves well. Chop them well and add it to the blender. Meanwhile pressure cook moong dal and mash it and keep it aside.

2. In a blender add the coriander leaves.

3. In a pan add oil to it add the chana dal, red chilies, coriander leaves and the garlic, onions and tomatoes, asafetida.

4. Sauté them well and once it’s cooked, add them to the blender and to it add salt, tamarind paste. Add some water and make it as purée. Add sambar powder to it too.

5. In the same pan add the purée and add 1 cup of water and allow it to boil for 8 mins. Allow the coriander raw taste to leave.

6. Add the mashed moong dal and add it to sambar and allow for further 5 mins for it to be cooked.

7. In a pan add ghee and to it add mithuku vathal and fry them until it turns black in color and add it to the sambar.

8. In the same pan add the mustards and fenugreek to the ghee already added and add it to the sambar.

Serve these hot with rice, idly or Dosa. Tastes great.


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