Saturday lunch post:

Long time I wanted to make sambar rice. So today being a holiday and a weekend I thought I can make some. And then my mind kept thinking about masala vadai but unfortunately I ran out of Chana dal. But what I did here was made this sambar rice and vada with mixed dal. Consisting thuvar dal, Chana dal, masoor dal, urad dal, black urad dal and green moong dal.

Ofcourse wanting to make some raitha and poriyal/fry but as it is yesterday’s left over potato and cluster beans were sleeping inside my refrigerator so grabbed them to use it.

And then found yellow pumpkin fresh and good sitting inside. So I was really bored to even think on dicing them for sambar or vathakuzhambu or poriyal. So grated them into halwa.

Planning to do a separate post for halwa and vadai. Do check out when you can.! 😊

Menu on my plate:

1. Sambar rice

2. Potato fry (yesterday leftover)

3. Masala vadai

4. Yellow pumpkin halwa

5. Applam


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