Vegetable kurma



Tomato -1

Vegies-carrot,beans,peas,potato(1 cup)

Yoghurt-1/2 cup

Cardamom/elachi -2 piece


Garam masala-1/4tsp




To grind:



Fennel- 1/4tsp

Khus khus-1/4tsp

Green chili-2


Garlic-3 cloves


Grind the to grind items into a paste and keep aside.

In a pan add oil then elachi and cinnamon and add onions and sauté well.

Then add turmeric and salt and then add tomato and sauté well for 2 mins.

Then add yoghurt to it and then allow it to boil.

Then to this add the frozen/ raw vegies and add some water and cover it with lid and cook on medium to low flame for 15 mins.

Then add the grounded paste to it and garam masala powder. And let it boil for 7 mins.

Hot kurma is ready. Add coriander leaves and serve it hot with chapathi,parota,dosa,idiyapam.!

• coriander leaves can be added to the coconut paste for extra flavor

• ginger and garlic can be added as paste to the chopped onions than grinding along with coconut.

• whole garam masala can be added while frying but I dint have so I added garam masala powder to it.


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