Keerai kuzhambu


Keerai- 2 cups



Garlic-3 cloves

Oil-2 tbsp

Red chili-2


Fenugreek seeds-1/4 tsp

Cumin-1/4 tsp

Tamarind extract -2 cups

Sambar powder-1 tsp

Turmeric -1/4tsp

Rock salt as needed

Asafetida-1/4 tsp

Rice flour-1/2tsp

Gingely oil-1tsp



In a pan add oil and then add red chili,mustard,fenugreek and cumin and add the chopped garlic and onions to it.

Then add the chopped tomatoes to it. Then add turmeric,asafetida,salt,sambar powder to it.

Then add the chopped greens/keerai to it and then sauté and add tamarind water to it and allow it to boil for 10 mins.

Then after that to thicken it just mix rice flour to the water and keep the flame on low and mix it while mixing the kuzhambu so that it will get mixed well than forming lumps.

Then drizzle with gingely oil or ghee and hot kuzhambu is ready and yummy to eat with rice,idly,dosa:)


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