Rice & coconut ladoo

Sweet cravings will always be there for everyone.. but let’s make it little healthy and filling..!!


Red rice/any rice-1 cup

Jaggery-3/4 cup






Wash rice well in water and strain it completely in a strainer.!

Then in a pan dry fry the rice and add cardamom to it.

Add the fried rice to the blender. Allow it to cool and make it into a smooth powder.

Then to this add jaggery and grind it again.. and then add coconut and grind it together again.!

Then add cashews and walnuts and make it into a ball shape and the ladoo’s are ready to eat.!

Can be stored outside at room temperature for 5 days and longer in refrigerator.!

•even flax seeds can be dry fried and powder and added to this ladoo..


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