Lime pie smoothie



Vanilla yoghurt-1/2 cup

Almond milk-1/2 cup

Cream cheese-1/4 cup

Graham crackers-2

Lime juice-1/2 (lime)

Lime zest- a little


A delicious and tasty treat in smoothie.. I would like to call this as a creamy dessert which tastes like a pie with a hint of fresh lime and lime zest in it.. blended with banana,almond milk,vanilla yoghurt,cream cheese,lime juice,and of course the graham crackers which enhances the flavor and texture of a cheesecake or pie..! The lime which has a bitter taste when blended with the shake is refreshing and tasty and feels like eating a cake..

I dint add sweetener as I loved the natural sweetness of yoghurt and zesty taste in it because of lime and the natural sweetener banana.! It is lip smacking.!

Try out and enjoy your beautiful morning.!


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