Breakfast ball

This recipe I found from the domestic geek and I found it interesting to give it a try..

They had three different variety.. I tried one out of it.. it’s low carb for sure..

Let’s go to the recipe..


Soaked pitted dates-1/4cup

Rolled oats-1/4 cup

Dedicated coconut-1/3cup

Peanut butter-2tbsp

Salted peanuts-1/4cup


The base of these breakfast balls are the same made with dates,coconut and rolled oats and you can add on your flavor.. and even by including some dried fruits,protein powder ,chia or flax seeds too.

Soak the pitted dates for 20 mins and then in a food processor or blender add the dates,dedicated coconut and the oatmeal and to it add the peanut butter and salted peanuts(salted peanuts will give a salty and a sweet taste to this and I personally liked it..)

Blend all of them together and then roll them as balls.. or shape it as you like and try out on the go or post workout..


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