Arisi upma

The best South Indian tiffen which we can never get bored off..

I dint make it in the traditional vessel.. just pressured cooked which took very less time with out any compensation on the taste..

Leme go to the recipe


Raw rice-1 cup

Thuvar dal-1/2 cup

Red chilies-3

Pepper powder-1 tsp

Cumin-1 tsp

Mustard-1 tsp

Urud dal-1 tsp

Chana dal-1 tsp

Asafetida-1/2 tsp

Curry leaves

Oil-1 1/2 tbsp


In a blender.. just using the whipping option whip the rice and thuvar dal together into a coarse consistency.

Then add them in a vessel.

Then in a pan add oil,mustard,urud dal,Chana dal,red chilies and the curry leaves..

Then add it to the rice and dal mixture and to it add pepper powder,cumin,salt,asafetida and water..

Pressure cook with three whistles..

And the upma is ready.. and good to go with hot brinjal gotsu/tomato gotsu,vendiya kuzhambu or pickle.!!!!🤤🤤

•you can added chopped ginger to it..

•you can also boil them in pan..


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