Raw Banana Chips (Vaazhakai Varuval)



1.Wash the raw banana (plantain) and peel the skin.

2. Using the chips slicer slice them round.

3. Put them in water if your not planning to fry immediately. And before doing never strain. Just spread them in white cloth after straining from water and towel them up draining the water on the raw banana slices.

4. Deep fry them batch by batch.

5. You can add spices and salt in two ways.. mixing them with little water by adding salt , red chili powder and asafetida. Or can also sprinkle directly on the fried chips and toss it well. (I did the latter part) or can make plain salty or pepper chips too.!

Enjoy making them and it’s healthy too when made at home. And easy as well. Same goes with potato or any root vegetable chips.


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