Idly/dosa batter


Idly boiled rice-4 cups

Urud dal-1 cup

Fenugreek seeds-3tsp

Rock salt a fist full


Soak rice overnight. If not possible soak it atleast for three hours.

And then in the morning soak urud dal and fenugreek together in a bowl for atleast an hour or two.

And grind them well in the grinder.

Grinding in grinder will give better consistency and quantity and good texture. If you use blender it will be lesser in quantity and idlies or dosa may become hard when you make it.

Grounded rice batter for 15 minutes.

Fluffy urud dal batter grounded for 20mins.. add a bottle full of cold water in intervals and will get a fluffy texture and quantity.

Now mix the rice batter and urud dal batter together. And add fistful of rock salt for taste.

And now the batter is ready. And keep it in warm place and the batter will get fermented and ready to use. Store it in fridge immediately and good to go for two weeks.

•you can also cut down one cup of boiled rice and add raw ponni rice for some crispness when making dosa.

• can also add poha for some more softness. If planning to make soft thick dosas and for soft idlies. But that is just an option and you can also skip it.


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