Coconut burfi/thengai burfi/naariyal ka burfi


Grated coconut-1 1/2cup

Sugar-1 cup

Milk-1/4 cup



Cardamom -5 or elachi powder


Saffron-a pinch


In a pan add coconut and sugar and mix well for two minutes

Then add milk and cream to it and stir it for 8 minutes

Then add cashews and saffron..

Then to it add ghee and cardamom powder.

Then mix well on high and place them in a butter sheet and tap them well into a shape and then let it sit for 5 minutes and once it’s hardened cut them into pieces..

Trust me such a delicious and very easy sweet to make and chewy too. People who are concerned about adding milk or vegans can avoid milk and cream and replace it with water..

Enjoy warm burfi.

Can also use desicated coconut instead of fresh ones and I also used as I dint have fresh grated coconut.

Can also add chickpea /gramflour to it for extra flavor. Which makes it as 7 cups cake 🙂


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