Chocolate pecan pie πŸ₯§

Hiiii today just thought of doing something different and saw some video on pie.. then I thought of “oh my god I have my pecans sleeping” πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ and I wanted to use them badly.!so decided to make a pie .. honestly trust me this is my first try on making a pie and I fail in baking except for cookies and muffins..

I was hoping and keeping my fingers crossed and was eagerly waiting to get a better shape and taste.. and oala .!!!

I won..! πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The color..the aroma..the taste..! Everything was perfect and delicious..!!!!! Adding chocolate to the pie gave an extra “Mmmmm” 🀀🀀

I finally explored and succeeded 😁

Without further delay let me now jump on to the recipe.!


Pecans-1/4 cup

Chunky chocolate-1/4 cup

Butter-1/2 cup

All purpose flour-1 cup

Brown sugar-3/4 cup


Vanilla essence-1/2 tsp

Corn syrup-1 tsp

Baking soda-1/4tsp

Baking powder-1/4 tsp

Salt- less than 1/4 tsp


Preheat oven at 180c

Then grease a tray layered with baking sheet and keep it ready.!

Keep all the above ingredients ready and measured.

In a bowl first add all purpose flour,1/2 cup of sugar and 2oz of butter and crumble it well.

And pour the crumbled dough on the tray and spread evenly and bake it for 15 minutes.

Then on the other hand in the same bowl add eggs,vanilla essence,balance 1/4 cup of sugar,balance 2oz of butter and whisk well.

Then add salt,corn syrup,baking soda and baking powder and continue whisking well.

Then to it add the chocolate pieces and pecans(can be chopped too)

And mix every thing well.

Then after the timer is done at 15 minutes take the tray from the oven and we can see the dough in lite golden color and on top of it pour the prepared mixture and spread it evenly with the spatula.!!

Then bake them for 20 to 25 mins.

And now remove from the oven and they are smelling sooooo good and perfect in color.

Allow them to cool before cutting them into square pieces.

I left a little extra baking sheet ,so that I can cut the corners to gently lift the pie to make them into square pieces.

(Pie or any baked items has the tendency to stick on to the tray)

Wait for 10 mins and then cut them into pieces and delicious and little chewy soft pie is ready to eat.!


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