Rawa idly

Rawa idly is one of the South Indian item which is a delicious anytime favorite for anyone .!

A quick recipe to make RAWA IDLY:


Rawa/Sooji-1 cup

Green chili-1(chopped)

Ginger-1/4 piece(chopped)

Carrot-1 small(peeled and grated)

Curd-2 1/2tbsp

Curry leaves


Urud dal-1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Salt as needed


Water-1/4 cup


In a bowl grate the carrot and keep it.

Then in a pan add ghee and add mustard,urud dal,curry leaves,green chilies chopped,ginger chopped and sauté well.

Then to it add Rawa,turmeric and salt and sauté well till it changes little in color and then add them to the bowl in which grated carrot is. Then to it add curd and add some more water and mix well.

You can also add some peas or coriander leaves.

Then grease the idly plate with ghee and fill in the batter and steam cook for 10 mins and hot idlies are ready to serve with your favorite chutney/sambar.!


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