Dinner platter

Today’s dinner was a never happening menu in our routine. And I decided I need to do it tonight for a change.!and successfully ended up doing it and they all came out well..Ta-da.!! It’s just rawa idly with three different types of chutneys and udupi sambar(I have the recipe for this one in link)

Lol, we always do certain things upside down.. a menu which will be for breakfast in most of the households will be precisely made as “Dinner” in our house 😁 because we don’t cook breakfast as in the modern world our bf changed to cereal,oatmeal and smoothies or sometimes “grab that Aussie bites or granola bar” 🤓

Easy and as well healthy to go.. but I don’t give up on cooking South Indian or my family eating them..!

So let me 🤐 and go to the dinner menu:

1.Onion & tomato Kara chutney

2.Coconut chutney

3.Coriander chutney

4.Udupi sambar

5.Rawa idly


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